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Ecological Engineering Camp

Hey Guys! New Series starting on the blog today: North Carolina State’s Ecological Engineering Camp.

Day 1:

First day at the camp our group took a trip to a nearby constructed urban wetland. Wetlands are an area usually found in or nearby cities that consist of many small ponds and streams with different sections of land around them. They provide an amazing solution to the problem of unwanted storm water runoff, erosion, and even water filtration. The benefits of wetlands are endless, and they offer hundreds of species of plants, insects, and animals an ideal habitat.

After visiting a wetland and learning about what they provide for humans and the environment, I thought about towns near me that could implement and use a wetland. In Bridgeport and Stamford, the tree index is quite low and there is a reoccurring issue with pollution from stormwater runoff.

A constructed urban wetland would benefit these cities and could potentially solve the problems that they are dealing with. Not to mention bringing in more species of plants, insects, and animals.

Now I urge you guys to think about your communities that could use a wetland to solve these issues.

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