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Reservoir Community Farm with GVI!

Every Saturday for the past couple of months, I have been volunteering at the Bridgeport organic community farm with Green Village Initiative. This farm is incredible and GVI has done amazing work with it. The produce helps thousands of families living in Bridgeport get access to healthy foods without the worry of cost. They even have several community events each year where hundreds of people come together and have a good time. I’m very happy to say that I’ve helped the team set up these awesome events.

As summer is on its way, Farmer Rob and I have been “cover cropping”; preparing the soil for new batches of fruits and vegetables. And I even got to help the construction team with building the new Greenhouse! We’ve also installed several old fashion composters as well, which has turned to some very nutritious soil!

I have really enjoyed volunteering at the farm, each week meeting new people and working with new groups.

I’ve even been practicing my Spanish with the crew and some volunteers here as well. Getting the best of both worlds with this experience!

Here’s the link to GVI’s Website:

A special thank you to Dune and Jose for helping me get involved!

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